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Cora Spencer Elementary School10

Grand Prairie, TX | Tarrant County


March 14, 2015

Cora Spencer is a school that has an amazing administrative team and loving, student-centered teachers and staff. Our family has been blessed to attend such a strong school. They encourage parent involvement and invite the community to visit on a regular basis. Each grade level is comprised of highly qualified teachers, research-based lesson plans, and dedicated fine arts and enrichment teachers. Thank you, Cora Spencer, for making our neighborhood proud!

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October 15, 2013

Cora Spencer is an outstanding school with great, caring teachers and a leadership team that is deeply involved. Our daughter is in the Gifted and Talented Program and it provides the extra emphasis she needs to be challenged. We look forward to our son starting Kindergarten in the upcoming school year and having our children grow more each year.

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July 31, 2013

I transferred my child to this school in mid-year. My child was behind as far as this school goes and the only thing they wanted to do was retain my child! As far as the teacher, she was nice and not sure if she knew how to deal with my child. I communicated with her on a regular basis. The school that my child came from, my child wasn't considered behind. With that said, my child was considered behind at Cora Spencer. Had a meeting with the teacher, principal counselor, they all agreed to retain my kid. Is that the only solution, really? So I asked about summer school surely this school has it, right? They offer only a two week summer school program, only for the kids that are right there on the tip of passing. That's not offering no chance for a child to catch up. So they just throw them to the side to be retained!! I have never seen a school that expect for 6-7 yr olds to act like little soldiers. They assume just because your kid is not a quiet kid, he/she needs to be put on medication. I am not putting my child on medication, do your job! News flash, all kids are not the same!

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June 6, 2013

The only reason to send a child to this school is if you want them to be trainined to be a little robot. I am so dissatisfied with this school this year that I have removed my child from it for next year. It's really sad when a child is bullied by a teacher and nothing is done, despite solid evidence to support the bullying. Other students were allowed to publicly humiliate my child and no one stopped them! I know this because my husband was there to witness it. This principal, while miles better than the last, failed to take care of my child when my child most needed him. The assistant principal is no better. While she pretends to care, all she cares about it blowing smoke to get you off of her to do list. The parents at this school aren't much better. Most parents are cold and unaccepting. If you are not a SAHM, your child will get placed in the worst teachers' class and you will be treated like an outsider. If you have a choice in where your child attends school, don't choose CSE. My child suffers from anxiety and stress headaches, and is now in therapy because of the hard time the teacher gave this year... trust me, nothing is worth that!

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October 23, 2012

My child has been a student at CSE since kindergarten and I have to say that while I agree that the previous principal was unapproachable and kind of cold, the teachers have always been great. They are invested in our kids an want them to succeed as much as we do as parents. I am constantly emailing the teacher to ask questions and advice on how to address specific lessons and she is always open, friendly and helpful. My child is more motivated to be better and do better because of the new direction the school is taking by encouraging discipline, education and fun with their new college "houses". I'm also very happy that they are involved in helping families and kids in need. My child wanted to make sure I knew to donate shoes and canned goods today. Great direction and very happy with the new principal who greets parents and kids each morning when we are dropping out kids off in the car pool lane.

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October 22, 2012

We have a new principal! Yeah! This year is by far the best year we have had! The teachers and staff are wonderful! I can feel a complete transformation this year compared to previous years at Spencer and it's an answer to prayer! We love the Colleges that are new this year! My kids are even happier and notice many of the teachers and staff are as well! BEST YEAR EVER!!! The principal even eats lunch with the kids! So glad to be a Spencer Bronco this year!!!!

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February 23, 2012

awful school. They cant even control 5 year olds. If god forbid they dont act like little soldiers , they are targeted as problems.

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October 18, 2010

Although I do agree the the main focus of this school is the TAKS test I still believe the teachers and staff care very much of the students. This year is my son's first year at this school and after his first week he had to be moved to a different class to accommodate all the new 3rd graders this year. At first I was very worried but after they had a ice cream social so the kids could get acquainted with their new teacher I felt much better about the decision. She a great teacher and is doing every thing she can to make sure my son is doing his best in class. Two thumbs up for Ms. Molinar.

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February 14, 2010

The school has under cover problems with teachers and the admin staff.. individuals new to the area may not be aware of the problems. The school has a turn over rate of teachers. Many of the current teachers are new to the school. I agree with the review that states the admin is cold, because they are. I also agree that they only care about the taks, because that is all they care about. Be aware.

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November 2, 2009

Spencer has such great and caring faculty and staff!

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May 29, 2009

My girls started this school mid year, but they were welcomed with open arms. They made so many great friends (sooo many nice families in this area) and my oldest even got a perfect score on her TAKS test (after being discouraged last year b/c she needed tutoring). It would be hard to move again and leave this school. P.S. Drop off and Pick up for Car Riders, is the best and most organzied I have ever seen. P.S.S. Miss Tammy in the cafteria is the sweetest, kindest, most loving Lunch Lady. Every school should be so lucky to have someone like Miss Tammy!!! Thank you!

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August 8, 2008

The teachers of this school are excellent. They really care about the kids. However, the admin is a little cold and really cares too much about the state rating. The TAKS test is the sole focus of this school. The parents and the community is great as well.

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August 7, 2008

Cora Spencer is a wonderful place for my children to learn everyday. The faculty genuinly cares about each child and you can tell they love their jobs. My girls are getting an excellent education and love going to school everyday. CSE is still a new school and the PTA works very hard to raise funds to get the children everything they need to succeed (and their events are fun, too)!

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July 15, 2008

Teachers and School are first class. There are issues with the Administrative staff and with the PTA. If you are not a 'chosen' one, then you might as well not even try to help out. Over all, the school is a great place for kids to learn.

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April 29, 2008

My son loves going to school. The teachers are great, it's brand new and the education my child is getting is excellent.

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