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Marshall Middle School8

Beaumont, TX | Jefferson County


December 4, 2014

Marshall has gone downhill in the past year. Teachers are quitting without notice and leaving students trying to figure out what to do next. The IPC teacher left and the new teacher in charge hates advanced students and is doing everything in her power to bring them down and is not even covering the IPC curriculum. If your kid wants to be in the AP program I would recommend to look for another school. Marshall doesn't care for the best and brightest.

Submitted by a parent

September 18, 2013

Marshall is a very excellent school!! Let's have another exemplary year students and staff. I think Marshall is the best middle school in Beaumont, Texas.

Submitted by a parent

August 2, 2013

With such high ratings, I expected to be really happy with the school. Six weeks in, and I decided to take my child out. She went from being an A Honor roll student to having F's in more than one class. I attempted to contact each of her teachers on more than one occasion with no success. Letters, emails, etc. I went to the counselor and she was incredibly rude. She had no solutions other than "try harder to get in touch with them, I can't help you." I do have a few positive things to say about the school; It is very diverse. Great Choir teacher. Dedicated PE coaches.

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February 26, 2013

Has strong leadership, academic programs and off site opportunities are great. Parent group is a bit of a clique. Misinformed staff, regarding student placement, communication with students, classroom gossip and comparison. My child has been asked if he has any common sense at all, by one of his teachers. Told that a teacher hates his class and would rather teach another (teacher said this to a whole classroom). Students are aloud to make racial comments/jokes with no accountability whatsoever. All in all school is safe, good location, has great parent involvement and a competitive academic programs. I am disappointed by the insensitivity of staff and students regarding race and hurtful comments. I do commend the quick response to my reporting of student on student bullying, the issue was resolved within days, and was taken seriously by principal and her assistant. There are many amazing teachers here, but a few could use some redirection. Our kids deserve respect, as much teachers do. Respect begets Respect.

Submitted by a parent

October 10, 2009

Love it! The teachers are wonderful, and will do all they can to insure student success. The principal cares! Best middle school in Beaumont!

Submitted by a parent

October 3, 2009

Wonderful teachers. Safe enviornment. Good location.

December 8, 2006

All I have to say abnout marshall is its the best middle school in beaumont i learned everything i needeed to know and when i got to high school i was very prepared.If your trying to send you child to a school where they'll learn what the need for high school marshall is a excellent school.

Submitted by a former student

December 18, 2003

This is a great school i am in the 8th grade and i have been here for the past 3 years and i have never been held back

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