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Cypress Woods High School8

Cypress, TX | Harris County


March 1, 2015

The assistant football coach's son threw a party and many student/athletes were in attendance. The police got involved, and the administration did nothing. Some students were suspended from activities, but this is the mentality. As long as no one gets wind of the truth, soft lips still means transparency. All this in despite of the principal knowing benchmark district tests were compromised via YIK Yak and nothing was done to invalidate the tests. It's all about scoring the highest to make the principal look good. Just ask the teachers if you still doubt.

Submitted by a parent

November 21, 2014

This school has a big student body and it gets hard to get from class to class. I went to the A.P.s office and filled out a repirt because i was getting bullies and he said i would be in within the next 2 days. Three months later i was not called in and i went in and asked if i was ever going to be called in and the receptionist said i should write an email asking when i was going to be called in. I feel like the principle here is more concerned about the extra carricular activities than acctualy learning. Even the school lunches suck. Some of the teachers are nice and all the others are just rude.

Submitted by a student

October 9, 2013

I just moved here, and I hate how large the student body is. The school feels impersonal and the lack of respect other students have for adults is ridiculous.

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October 27, 2012

I currently go to Cy Woods. I'm from the Class of 2013, and can honestly say I do love it. My graduating year we have had a lot of changes, yet there are a lot of good people who are entering to keep Wood s legacy going strong. We have always been one of the most competitive schools in the district, we always have a great turn out to games, and most of the time we have a lot of victories. Don't criticize the school based on your child's one experience; there is more to it than that!

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October 17, 2011

If you have the next NFL player in training or just think you do, then Cy Woods is the school for you! At Cy Woods you will meet other parents reliving their glory days through their kids, and don't forget those cheer moms! Do you have a student who enjoys music?Great, they have marching band for the football games.Oh, your child plays guitar?I'm sorry they don't have guitar for football.Cy woods also offers off season football such as track, and basketball.Cy woods also offers girls sports to give the girls something to do when they are not cheering for the football team!The school is about a 1/4 mile long and has close to 4000 students. This gives the football players practice with the "5 minute" drill called - beat the clock to class or get suspended. 3 tardies=1 absence. Absences= lost funding. Lost funding=no administrative bonuses.I promise your child will be late.I've been to back to school night.I know the school well, and it's going to happen.This school is too big, & the administrators don't know what they're doing.The focus is only on sports. Look at all your options, and know your kid.Don't rule out HISD.They have technology and music schools with no sports.

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August 7, 2011

I moved to Cypress from California and chose to go to Cy-woods purely based on everything I saw on the internet. It had a good Greatschools rating, many opportunities for scholarships, and was a new school. However after coming here I realized that athletics are the only thing that matter at this school. It's sad that star athletes get more recognition than star scholars! I had a few great teachers and a few not so great teachers. Many teachers who are also coaches put more time into their sport than teaching the students of their academic course! All in all, Cypress Woods is an okay school that focuses too much on sports!

Submitted by a student

March 14, 2011

Students who play sports get special privileges that the remaining students do not get. Athletes laugh at assignments and tests, knowing that a complaint to the administration will get them free grades. The other students are demoralized by the disparity, leaving it to the staff to attempt to gloss over the incredible unfairness.

Submitted by a teacher

September 21, 2010

the school is way too big to function. The starff is uncaring and rude. The rules are ridiculous and they do not trust their students. thats is all.

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June 8, 2010

I have nothing but great things to say about Cypress Woods. My daughter graduated from there this year, which she was apart of the first four year class of CyWoods. I believe Mrs. Sue McGowan showed the very best leadership and spirit that I have ever witness and it shows in the result of Cy Woods having the most successful and largest graduating class in Texas history. Kudos to the staff and Mrs. McGowan.

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March 8, 2010

Better communication than the jr. high. Nice cafeteria with alot of healthy options. Teachers seem genuinely concerned with the academic welfare of the students. TONS of extra-curricular activities.

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October 5, 2009

My son graduated from CyWoods High School in June 2009. He was in the first graduating class from this school. We had the choice to attend the established high school or change to the new school when he was a sophmore, but chose Cy-Woods. The school had immediate pride and spirit thanks to a dedicated staff and a wonderful group of parents. We made the right choice and wish that all high schools could have this same level of spirit and pride.

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July 28, 2009

My daughter graduated this year. She attended Cy Woods the three years it has been open. We were able to compare it with Cy Fair where my son graduated and daughter attended her first year. Cy Woods has a outstanding atlethics deparment. Many teachers are young and do not have as much to offer as an established school for academics. Give this school a few years and it will be the best in the district provided the principal is replaced or recognizes she is not in middle school anymore. I was an involved parent this year and found the principal to be too restrictive although kudos to making every effor to keep drugs out of the school.

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July 23, 2009

I think its an absolutely great school. The education is by far some of the best you can get in the nation for a public school, the athletics are outstanding and over achieving for only been open for 4 years now. My daughter loves it

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July 6, 2009

My daughter attend Cy-Woods the 1st two years it was open and ASKED to transfer to a private school due to the poor academics. (She was an honor student and in the top 5% of her class) She had horrible teachers who picked on students, were not available for tutoring after school or just plain not interested in teaching. Yes, the school has spirit, great athletics etc, but I don't think those students will adequately be prepared for college. The principal is highly overated as well. Needless to say we now attend a private school and my younger son will not go their either. The Cy Fair school district is not the quality district it claims to be.

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June 12, 2009

CyWoods is one of the newer high school campuses in CyFair ISD and just graduated its first class of 920+ seniors. One strength is student diversity and talent. The campus draws primarily from several upper income neighborhoods in NW Harris County. 'Woods' excells with above level students, and several reviewers pointed out that the campus is very successful in sports and other competitions. Because of the large enrollment, a smaller percentage participate in athletics than would be true of a moderately-sized campus. The campus has poorer results when dealing with average, at-risk, or economically disadvantaged students. Based on my child's observations, the school does not have a handle on drug use in the general population or parts of the athletic program. The 06-09 principal came from middle school and has not shown strong leadership. She is largely unresponsive to genuine parent conerns. Overall a positive high school experience. Go Wildcats!

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