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Cypress Springs High School5

Cypress, TX | Harris County


April 17, 2014

Great school!! My son entered the 10th grade this 2nd semester. I appreciate the school's college like atmosphere and their effort to graduate productive individuals into the community. I am especislly grateful that my son is already taking classes toward his career goal. Great job Cy Springs!

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March 28, 2014

The recent change in administration has dramatically changed the atmosphere of the school. The new rules, regulations, and expectations of the students has risen and the number of incidents (by which I mean in public altercations amongst students) has gone done as well. The academics are great. The extracurricular activities are great as well. The athletic programs and doing well and only getting better. The student atmosphere is one that enables oneself to be who they are and no matter what will always be able to find friends. in opposition to regional rumors, this school is far better than what is said. I definitely recommend this school to anyone who wants their kids to belong and find their calling.

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September 26, 2012

I have two children at this school and hate to even step at this school. It's horrible to know you pay such high taxes and buy your house and know you have to deal with transfers and the fights in your play ground it has to do with allot of these parents not knowing what their child are doing after school. Until a kid that should be in school gets hurt then you'll have some crying parent with remarks that there child was good and never did any wrong but was breaking into working class people s homes. I hate Cy-Fair district we plan to sell about five more years because the schools are horrible. The admin act like they care but really don't you can tell by the tone of speech and posture. Yes change has come but when you have most of the kids that are tired of dealing with the trash at this school and parents that are tired as well take the chance that the new school is the same but at least you tired something new then to deal with the same excuses from the admin at this school. .

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September 22, 2012

Loved Cysprings High School, especially all my AP class teachers, they were all amazing. If you go to this school make sure you do extracurricular activities and AP classes, that's where you find the best teachers. Best teacher goes to Mrs. Hartman or Mrs. Cantu, still can't decide but you both rock!

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May 8, 2012

Have noticed the school is not responsive to parents. When a teacher or counselor is called they do not call back. Also they count the student absent when the student is present. I am from Missouri .. teachers know who are in their classes and are more responsive to parents.

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March 29, 2012

I have found Cypress Springs to be a good school. I have been here for all three years and I am currently a junior. Although I cannot compare experiences at this school to those of another highschool, there isn't much I would complain about. The "problems" we have had in the past are fixed now I believe: our athletic coordinator has been replaced and our principle is retiring. Cy-Springs is what you make it, my GPA is higher than any of my friends from those "better" schools, and we came in 5th in district in academic UIL while Cy-Ranch placed next to last! Our ROTC, Panteras, boys basketball, and boys soccer team are pretty respectable, if not top in district. (I'm pretty sure our new athletic coordinator will improve our other sports.) The teachers in K-level and AP courses are very good and very qualified. However, there is lack of school spirit and patriotism in much of the ignorant (unfortunately, mostly On-level) students, and they are what makes our school look bad. If you're in mostly (not necessarily all) upper-level classes, you are better than fine. Cy-Springs really isn't that bad of a school. :)

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September 5, 2011

I am currently enrolled in my second year at Cypress Springs as a Junior. For students that are willing to push themselves, this school is fantastic. The Advanced Placement teachers are thoughtful and intelligent; they are dedicated to their students' success. Of course, if a student does not push themselves, they will not have a good time. I've been enrolled in a few "On-Level" courses, mostly to fill requirements set by the district, and the experience is much less enjoyable. Students in On-Level (and I do not mean to offend or generalize, this is just my experience) are oftentimes loud and disrespectful to the point where teachers give up almost entirely. Walking in the hallways is a nightmare, as the school rather crowded. The administration often leaves a great deal to be desired. I recommend joining the debate team; we have a very strong program, with very talented individuals. This school is what you make of it. If you want to succeed, you will. If you do not, you will be left in the dust.

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July 16, 2010

they have always contacted me .and seem like a good school mykids like it ,but we are getting a house built in lakes of cypress so they transfering to cy-woods

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June 27, 2010

I have not enjoyed my daughter attending this school at all. Trying to talk to the administration or the teachers is a waste of time. They don't seem to care or want to work with you for the better of your child. I sat in the classroom and watched a teacher "teach." There wasn't really any instructions going on in the classroom. I asked several times for my child to be moved to a stronger math teacher and had no luck. The lady in charge of instruction only seems to care about herself and made no effort to monitor the type of instruction students are receiving. The administrators don't want to ruffle any feathers when it comes to their teachers and don't listen to the students or parents. Being an educator myself and in the administrative field it is disheartening that the employees of this school seem to care so little.

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April 28, 2010

Often times I have complained about the truancy around the school and they told me that there was nothing they could do, yet there were officers posted in the school. Gangs are forming and this need to be addressed, other that that my son loves the school.

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November 3, 2009

I have attended Cy-Springs my entire 4 years of high school. I am currently a senior and graduation is right around the corner. I am not anticipating it at all because I love Cy-Springs so much. Cy-Springs has taught me so much about growing to be a better and more respectful young lady of about myself. I never hesitate in the morning going to school because I know of all the great wondes that I will get once I get there. There's always aomething to do at the school. And as long as your someone popular, life is good. Even if your lame as hell, your still guaranteed to have a great time at Cy-Springs. It's such a great school!!!!!!

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May 20, 2009

I am a sophomore at cy-springs soon to be a junior and honestly this school to me is great but that all depends upon the person. For me personally, I went to Langham Creek my freshman year and I didn't like it at all, there was to much drama and it was just completely boring. I am now currently at cy-springs and really like it. I like the diversity, I like that everyone associates with everyone, I love the people! I just really think it all depends upon the person because if your not getting caught up with the wrong crowd, your making good decision, setting a goal for youself and setting it high then you will like Cy-Springs. It's what you make it. Every school has it's flaws and cy-springs flaw is just the whole situation with fights which has gone down alottt compared to previous years.

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January 25, 2009

cysprings was not really a good school while i was attending there. there were fights every single day at almost every single lunch but the students did not seem to mind the fights because they were being entertained.i attended cysprings back 04 my freshmen year and left the last month of my junior year and honestly i did not want to leave. i now attend cywoods high school down the road from cysprings. this school is just like the school off of high school musical, they even have the same mascot wildcats. i like the school , but there was something about cysprings that kept me interested. everyday in cysprings was different, and there were different races that attended the school.

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January 13, 2009

My son has been in CySprings for almost 4 years and this has been a very bad experience. Teachers in there are very rude with students and I just had a teacher hanging the phone at me when I told her about her poor performance as a teacher. CySprings has a very low rating on TASK Test as well as one of the most populated schools as of last school year.

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October 13, 2008

I have been going to Cy Springs for a year now and I am jr. I do not like it here at all. The rules here are ridiculous. You can't be an individual. The school like to change the rules as they go and kids get into trouble for the stupidest reasons. The reason why kids have no school spirit is because it is not a place we want to spend our time. It isn't fun and a majority of the staff is rude. The staff expects the kids to be 'proud, polite, prepared and positive' but they staff needs to set an example and do the same.

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