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Meador Elementary School8

Houston, TX | Harris County


February 21, 2015

You know I went to this school in the early 90's and it was strict but you know what it needs to be given the area it's in. I applaud them for being strict because if it's anything like it was in the early 90's that's the only kind if structure those children are getting. And as for the Coach Taylor comment, that woman was a saint, all y'all raggedy kids probably are driving the poor woman crazy lol. I'm sure all the kids aren't disciplinary problems but the ones that are make up for the rest that aren't. She's still awesome in my book and if you're still coaching there Coach T hats off to you, youshould get a medal. Joseph Cambiaso

September 14, 2013

I am seeing reviews on this school that are less than stellar. No Bueno!! I went to this school from 1971 to 1973. They were strict then with homework and dress code. I appreciate it now that I am an adult. As a parent to a high school student; I can appreciate all the hard work that our Elementary teachers put into my son. Because of those teachers he is doing well in school. Rules are for the safety of our kids. Instead of complaining about them; join the PTA. Volunteer whenever Meador has an opportunity. Please by all means....help our teachers. You will be surprised at what they have to put up with to give our kids their best. I say Kudos to the staff of Meador Elementary.

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August 6, 2013

Treatment here is not as an elementary school, more like a jail or boot camp. I get that children go to school to learn but these people really do need to lighten up! Children are not allowed to talk, smile, or look anywhere near having fun! Teachers don't care about the students' feelings. All they care about is work work rules rules and no having fun! Principals seem like they have a stick stuck up there behind and so do the office staff. They need to hire people with professionalism. Coach Taylor is not qualified to work with children, she should work as a prison guard! This place is not family friendly as I was not allowed to attend my child's xmas party because I have a 4 yr old that would accompany me. They wanted me to get a sitter, really?!! Do yourselves a favor and find a different school for your children! I know I will! Even high schools are not as hard on the students as this school is! LIGHTEN UP!!!

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March 21, 2013

My grandson is in the third grade at this school and his teacher will only give him one minute or only thirty seconds to go to the bathroom, sometimes you need a little more time than that. I wish someone would give the teacher only one minute and see how she likes it. Can she finish in one minute. When a teacher is like that I believe that she is not treating the students very fair.

August 21, 2011

My daughter will begin her grade 1 year this week and her anticipation and excitement is enough to assure me that the teachers and staff are doing their job amazingly. The teachers, principals, nurse, coaches, music teacher and all of the staff have been such an influence on my child's education. The children do not get treated like a number or just a face in the crowd. They get treated equally and if there are any children with special needs, those needs are met. My daughter's Kindergarten teacher Mrs. Jennifer McDuff was such a blessing to my daughter and our family. I anticipate my son's kindergarten year next year and hope he has her. But at the same time I know the staff at Meador is just as awesome. Bring on First grade for my daughter. She is so ready for school. Thank you Meador teachers and staff. God speed.

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November 30, 2009

I have had nothing but problems with this school, getting my kids enrolled, and more about being more strict on dress code then on the actual academics. If this school would worry more about education and teaching these kids then hounding about dress code and blah blah blah... The little things than our children might would want to learn and stay in school but no.. we have these over barring teachers and principles that think apparence is more important than education. Mty kids have there uniforms on every day like need be... I am disenrolling my kids from this school and moving them to one that is not so particular about dress and more about education. the staff here is very unorganized as well and has no people skills as well.

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November 28, 2006

Great school with a super administration. My daughter is dyslexic and we appreciate the staff and their support. Thank you Ms. Bolton!

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November 14, 2004

My son was in the PPCD program and had 'scattered skills'. He came in with speech, reading, self care skills. He needed work (assitance) on peer interaction and IEP goal. His PPCD teacher and the school were unable to challenge him or improve his scores he came with which caused me to withdraw him from this school. I would recommend parents of special needs children to have them evaluated outside of the school district, early invention, and have them taught at another school with a better program.

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