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Lakeshore Elementary School8

Houston, TX | Harris County


May 11, 2014

Needs assistance with policy, procedures and a strong leader to facilitate the implementation of these procedures. Children have been hurt and put into unsafe situations due to campus negligence of district policy.

Submitted by a parent

February 12, 2014

The school itself is a great school. The school board and it's superintendent are horrible. Yes the school has had a few hiccups such as enrollment last semester but besides that it's a great environment for the kids and the teachers and staff do an exceptional job. If only the district and superintendent cared about the students as much as this school does then Humble ISD would be much better.

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August 22, 2013

The enrollment process is terrible, my husband pre-enrolled (well so we thought.) When I showed up for "teacher and classroom introductions" I was forced to stand in line for 1 hour..yes after my busy day at work & driving in downtown Houston. Only to be notified that I did not have the correct documentation (although my husband did photocopy all documents the day before and was told I only had to turn in my packet...no proof of elligibility). What is also bad is there was no clear process, I did the enrollment online as well. There were over 500 people in line complaining of the same...these guys had been open for 2 weeks (doing what?) Additionally, they had the nerve to tell my husband that they had pre-enrollement in April....really?? Who knew..where was that on the website. I am questioning my son even going to public school if they cannot even get the enrollment process correct. We are parents, we have jobs....we cannot spend hours trying to "figure out the system." Really upset. Every parent I talked to was not happy.

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October 28, 2012

I have been at this school for 3 years now and we are growing. Houses are being built and the community is growing, but I must admit Mrs. Morrison runs a well organized school. I see more children but there has been no interference with my two children's learning. I have a new teacher to the school this year and she is just as informed on Lakeshores procedures as all the other staff. I still love this school and I am excited for the future.

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February 17, 2012

Both the principal (Morrison) and vice principal (Wiggins) of the school are outstanding. They are very sensitive to our needs and professional in their approach. A lot of great teachers. The school is an asset to the community. We are very happy with the school.

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January 30, 2011

Lakeshore Elementary is THE BEST!!! We used to attend Summerwood Elementary but when Lakeshore Elementary was built, we were within the boundaries to attend Lakeshore Elementary. We are so glad! The principal and assistant principal at Lakeshore are very child based, hands on, involved and motivate students and teachers toward excellence. They set the tone of the school and it is very warm, welcoming and safe. They stress the importance of a community (teachers, parents, students, staff) helping to educate each child. The communication between the administration and the teachers is excellent. Any issues and concerns raised are immediately attended to. Lakeshore has excellent teachers and the administration makes sure they only hire and keep the very best. Also, I just learned that Lakeshore was chosen to house an Autism Unit for the district. Everything at Lakeshore is state of the art. It is an excellent school - by far it is the best elementary school in the area.

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