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Deerwood Elementary School9

Houston, TX | Harris County


September 21, 2011

My children went to Deerwood for six years, after having been at Greentree Elementary for six years as well. I compare the two a lot! Deerwood was a wonderful experience, I was very active in the PTA, and was a homeroom parent every year. We had excellent teachers, with one exception, and I feel that my children both received an above-average learning experience. The school does tend to be a little political, for the adults, so just be aware of it and all will be fine. I have no complaints, only accolades.

Submitted by a teacher

June 25, 2011

I don't think I'll ever forget routinely passing by a darkened (all-day, every day) 1st-grade classroom where the students were "resting," (another daily event) i.e. crawling all over the floor, and the teacher was painting her toenails and texting. Not at the same time, of course. . .true story. But I guess when you're an "expert" (per the principal) at Writing Workshop, giving children high marks for neatness (coloring well), which we call "quality," you're allowed a litle more slack?

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June 20, 2011

My children went back to Deerwood after a couple of years in a different state. I really wanted to give the school another chance as we have several friends who are happy with the school. I have to say we were still very disappointed. The TAKS is still the main focus and the teachers we encountered were grouchy. My children were very unhappy, so they now attend a different school.I think it is a shame that the atmosphere in this school is so negative, there are a lot of great kids and a lot of terrific parents, but the staff needs some refreshing.

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November 22, 2008

We put our children in Deerwood after leaving a private school in the area. While my children have had to make some adjustments because of the differences, they love the school. Both have had very good teachers and they've thrived in their new environment. I've found everyone at the school to be very helpful and welcoming. And the physical education program is great! I can't say much about the principal. I've met her and seen her a few times, but I don't get the impression that she's a very visible figure at the school.

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September 24, 2007

I have had numerous children go through this school, as well as currently have children there. I find the school to be excellent in all areas. No school is perfect, so one shouldnt expect perfection. That being said, the administration has always met with me, listened to me, and responded. The staff and teachers are excellent. It doesnt mean that you will not find a teacher that periodically decides to retire for whatever reason, and sometimes it is a good idea. But on the whole, you couldnt ask for a better education and experience for your children, all paid for by your tx dollars. As well, parent involvement is superior, like no other!

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May 8, 2006

Deerwood used to be a great school with a great student:teacher ratio. However, the school now busses children in causing over-crowding for those students who have to walk or are driven since bussing for *local* children is NOT provided. The leadership in this school tends to sweep things under the carpet and keep everything hush-hush. On the brighter side - the teachers are all EXCELLENT!!!!

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August 21, 2005

I have had two children in Deerwood. It is a highly rated school in this community. There are some excellent teachers in this school and there are also some teachers I would describe as 'weak'. Several of the teachers I have had bad experiences with have retired or left the school for reasons I don't know of. Deerwood has a lot of parent involvement and a strong PTA. The school library and librarian are excellent. The librarian runs a very good book club program.

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January 10, 2005

My children have had a great experience at Deerwood and the teachers are wonderful. The only drawback is the administration's pandering to a handful of bullying parents to the detriment of the rest of the pupils.

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