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Dulles Middle School8

Sugar Land, TX | Fort Bend County


July 25, 2013

I attended Dulles Middle School as a student and had a very positive experience. I am now the orchestra teacher here at DMS and continue to appreciate the staff and the unique diversity in our student population. Maybe I'm biased but I whole heartedly believe that the students at DMS are one of a kind. They are very appreciative, kind, hard working, well behaved, compassionate, and insightful. I learn from them every day! We have outstanding electives (our music fine arts programs are all recognized state wide and internationally) and great athletics. We are the only FBISD school with KickStart martial arts. The surrounding neighborhoods are lovely, the streets and sidewalks are brand new, the restaurants across the street are great. DMS feeds in Dulles HS which is an excellent school with brilliant students and teachers. My brother went to DHS and is now a robotic surgeon. I am thankful to have a job at this school (going on 6 years) and would recommend DMS to families would are looking for a school with a great student population and a compassionate staff. I chose to be a teacher because of the positive influence and inspiration from my DMS teachers 15 years ago.

Submitted by a teacher

July 21, 2012

Very good school where the kids are challenged, encouraged, listened to and pushed to work hard. I have had several friends who had to pull there kids out of the private schools for various reasons and just kind of ended up at Dulles. They have all stayed and been very impressed by the variety of opportunities offered to their kids.

Submitted by a parent

June 7, 2010

My son is a Dulles veteran. Dulles is the only school he has ever attended. The staff as a whole has always been available, cooperative and fair. No school system is perfect, but with parents and school faculty working together, you can come really close.

Submitted by a parent

July 9, 2009

Great school with excellent teachers. This is a school to send your kids to. Outstanding teachers and the best learning environment. The best of both worlds - it's diverse and a very structured place. I'd like to know what open house that parent attended

September 21, 2007

After last night's open house I have decided to sell my house!!! I was not at all impressed with the 7th grade teachers I met or with the school in general. This school has gone down fast!!!

Submitted by a parent

August 13, 2007

I had to sell my house in Sugar Land to move to Katy due to the bad environment the Dulles schools have transformed into. I just didn't want my daughter to succumb to what is there. I had lived happily since 2000 in the heart of First Colony only to see how low it has fallen.

Submitted by a parent

August 1, 2005

I enjoyed the high-tech automosphere and the classes in the gifted talented programs

Submitted by a former student

May 31, 2005

I have nothing possitive to say about this school. I only want to let other people know that if your children are expected to attend it, please check very carefully and try to talk with parents from all the spectrum. Depending on your life style (religion, politics, etc) you may encounter this school very nice or degradating and ofensive as we did.

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