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Willowridge High School2

Houston, TX | Fort Bend County


October 11, 2012

Willowridge is awesome! Unfortunatelly many students do not take advantage of what it is given to them and that is probably the main reason why they may state that it is " a bad school" or that the teachers and staff are not doing their job as a teacher. I have been attending WHS for four years now and have not had a problem at all. Although I am an AP student i can honestly say that ANY student that actually dedicates time and effort towards their education, in the end, will get great results.With the New administration we have I am sure Willowridge will be recognized but school is what each student makes it :) Remember : if it wasn't for WHS, MHS<HHS<EHS wouldnt exsist .Please Make sure your student is actually engaged in school , is respectful and enjoys learning.( It will make a big difference !) - Class of 2013!

Submitted by a student

March 21, 2012

My son has been attending this school for the last three yrs and me personally as a parent would tell a dog to go there. My sons first yr was good and things strated to take a turn for the worse. The staff at the ridge is so unperfessional and rude. When my son was in class he was getting marked absent. Don't get me wrong there are some very good teachers there that care about the students but other staff is ridiculous. I had to pay money out my pocket for there stuiped misstake and once it all got cleared my money wasn't offered back. Right now my son and other class mates are having problems with a spainsh teacher who picks at them just to write them up. Trust me i hate to pull him out when he has i yr left but he want attend this school no more!!

Submitted by a parent

March 26, 2010

The main objective of willowridge faculty and staff is to set the students up for failure, write them up on stupid technicalities, give them a hard time over nothing . It is really ridiculous the way they talk to and treat those students . The discourage me and i am 49 years old and i work at a school (10 yrs.). My daughter is a junior and she really has a hard time dealing with the rudeness of the people she depends on to educate her .

Submitted by a parent

January 27, 2010

i think willowridge is the best school ever. i love it. its full of gret people that care and love to expresss them self i would give it a try if i where you

Submitted by a student

September 1, 2009

Willowridge is a great school to send your children to. The students there start and keep long life relationships that are unbreakable. They become family there and has a school spirit that nobody would ever understand by attending another school. The teachers make sure that all the kids receive the proper education needed to go further there education.

August 11, 2009

Willowridge is very underrated, but the school is full with amazing teachers and students,people in our community are sending their kids somewhere else,lowering the schools enrollment,we must keep the ridge up and running turn it back to what it was one of the best school ever. Remember there wouldn't be an Elkins, Hightower,or Marshall high school the Ridge started it all.

Submitted by a student

November 26, 2007

I recently graduated from WHS in 2007! This school is a great school for any student. The kids here very intelligent and teachers want nothing but the best for these students. Willowridge is a school where academics come first and produces quality students. The marching band is the best! I would certainly recommend any student to this school.

Submitted by a student

August 28, 2007

I graduated from this school in 2003 and it was some of the greatest times of my life. The honors program was a great learning enivronment for me and it prepared me well for college. I'm now a a graduate of the University of Oklahoma with a BS in Civil Engineering and working on my MS now!

July 22, 2006

The principal tries his best but as a student the school is very dangerous. Drugs linger through the halls every day. Also, the discipline is horrible. No one at my school listens and parents aren't too involved. Now that's the truth.

Submitted by a student

September 8, 2005

great school...people are very nice...great academic enviorment.

Submitted by a former student

August 21, 2005

Willowridge is a school dying for lack of parental involvement. Our test scores are low, but our morale is high. Academics come first. There is so much promise at the Ridge. We have dedicated teachers who want to see all students succeed. Our fine arts department is outstanding with a terrific marching band and an award winning choir. Our athletic teams make us proud. Eagles soar really high. We have many distinquished graduates.

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