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Hightower High School5

Missouri City, TX | Fort Bend County


September 24, 2014

Even though Hightower may seem really rowdy due its large populations of African Americans and Hispanics, the school does have a small bright population that keeps its test score averages up. Honestly, if the academies were not at Hightower, then this school would've experience failing scores and rankings much faster. The top 5% is almost all Indian or Asian (not an understatement; can be proven at graduation). If the children in the academies were ranked against other schools such as ridgepoint or elkins, they would blow them out of the water. Send your child here if they are responsible enough to make the right decisions and to put school first. Academics here are great, especially with the internships provided by the academies. Occasionally there may be a fight or two but if you mind your own business then you should be fine. The administrative staff do a relatively good job but the counselors need to be more receptive to the children. There are always going to be kids who dont care about academics and Hightower just happens to have many of them. If you child does his/her best and takes many AP class, then they can be a part of truly intelligent children when they graduate.

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August 28, 2014

I am a freshman at hightower highschool and it's terrible so far. I didn't feel welcome at all. The hallways are crowded, people run around the whole school, and the students there dress so inaportpatly there. It's just awful there so far. Please here's a tip!: if your not zoned to hightower, then I suggest you don't go.

May 31, 2014

This school is horrible and undisciplined. The students do whatever they want in this school and teachers do a horrible job all the time. The students are always sagging and a large amount are covered in tattoos already. Very few scholarships are awarded to students here. The staff and principal are slow of alerting you of emergencies and many parents have a problem with this. The school is undisciplined and there are fights almost every week. And yes there are drugs in this school but that is a very low amount of idiotic students. I would NOT recommend this school to anyone.

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March 11, 2014

I am currently enrolled at Hightower and I believe this school is actually one of the best in Fort Bend ISD academically wise. This school gives students the opportunity to succeed, whether the opportunity is taken or not depends on the student. But if your child is a hard-worker, hangs out with the right crowd, and does what they're supposed to there is no doubt they'll succeed. I recommend it.

November 17, 2013

Hightower is the worst high school in fort bend isd. The teachers are horrible there. Transferring my daughter to ridgepoint next year. The band is super unorganized.

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May 16, 2012

This school is extremely unorganized. The teachers use the internet as an excuse not to keep an open line of communication with parents. In order to speak to the principle you must have an appointment even if its an emergency. There are a lot of bullying at hightower. It's horrible. No structure !

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February 22, 2012

I am the parent of two children who attend HHS. One child is a graduating Senior and the other is a Freshman. They both love HHS. My son (Freshman) plays in the HHS band. HHS has an excellent band program. The band director is GREAT with the students and really cares about their education. I have had some interactions with the Principal and find her to be professional and personable. She is accessible and responds to emails. It appears she has a good relationship with the students, parents, teachers, and staff. I am an involved parent and would like to encourage more parents to become involved at their school because there are several opportunities to volunteer. Overall, the experience with my children's teachers has been positive. GO CANES!!

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February 20, 2012

Being that the most recent review of HHS being written in 2009, I think its time for a fresh perspective on the school. The Hightower of 2012 absolutely does not deserve a 3/5 rating. A change in principals has made all the difference for HHS, with disruptive behavior dropping to an all time low, test scores soaring above what they used to be, and overall campus life becoming more conducive to education. From my experiences at HHS I can say I'm extremely proud of my school, with its highly awarded Medical Science and Digital Media academies, its outstanding sports programs, and overall award winning extracurriculars. Being a student in all AP classes and in the top 5% of the school I feel its an extremely challenging place for those who seek the challenge. Unfortunately there are those who simply don't value schooling, and those people lower our overall test scores. There's so much more to Hightower than I can list here, but I can say I would never even consider going to another school in FBISD, Hightower is the best school in the district without a doubt.

Submitted by a student

November 9, 2009

omfg.! i love the school soo much.! its a huge school the teachers are soo nice n the medical academy is amazing.! i cant wait for my lil sister 2 go there next year!

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October 12, 2009

I think the school does well for the amount of students it has. It is a bit overcrowded and it affects the responsiveness of the teachers and guidance counselers. Great athletics program and the AP classes are really great for college prep. I have two kids there as of today; a senior (son) and a freshman (girl). My son has been there since his freshman year and his choosing his colleges now. His academics are good enought for UH, Baylor, Texas A&M, etc.. So don't tell me this scholl does not do it's job in getting kids ready to take it to the next level. Good job Hightower !!

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May 27, 2009

I am a 2007 graduate of Hightower, during my time there the school experienced huge losses of teachers each year but mostly due to administration, specifically principal, Patricia Paquin. There were many conflicts with the principal between students, teachers, assistant principles, and parents. We also experienced overcrowded lunches, crowded hall ways, not enough lockers and ridiculous class sizes. In one of my classes we didn't even have enough desk for students. Good behavior from students has also hit an extreme low although the school has made less news appearances lately. Academically (this comes from someone that graduated from an academy, taken honors classes, and regular classes) if you are GT/Honors/AP or in the academies you will receive a good education that will prepare you well for college.

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May 12, 2009

I have two kids at Hightower who are not in the academies and doing wonderful academically. They really do prepare them for college in the AP classes. They have been active in one of the Music and Arts program there for four years (seniors now). HHS is not different from any of the other FBISD schools which all have their own issues. The learning is on a higher level. It is also very diverse which is great for the kids. I see them walking through the halls mix and match together. It's not perfect, but no school is. A lot of the kids are brats, but I blam that on the parents. True, the academies are in demand, but it s also a good school for kids who are not in an academy. I give it thumbs up and do recommend it to others.

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February 10, 2009

This is a school that is not for 'over achievers' but more so above average, makes it easy for everyone to fit in, so i give this school a 8 out of 10.

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January 6, 2009

this is one of the greatest school for a young adult ready to learn to go to

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January 2, 2009

I'm currently a junior at Hightower and I've enjoyed being a student here. I have great teachers who care and want to see me succeed in life beyond high school.

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