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Foster High School7

Richmond, TX | Fort Bend County


January 6, 2015

I have had students at Foster since 2009 and I absolutely love it. They hold the children to a high standard, yes their dress code is strict and adhered to, however well needed to ensure good order and discipline are followed. I love it and am very pleased with my children being at Foster.

Submitted by a parent

February 23, 2014

Foster high school is the worst place you could send your kids to if you want them to succeed. Teachers care more about dress code violations and what's going on in their own lives than teaching students. There are some teachers who rock, but they put so much emphasis on grading hard and making sure every student is perfect that passing some classes are nearly impossible. As a student, I don't feel safe from bullying, discrimination, and, more importantly, drug use in this school considering I've had to walk behind a student smoking in the hallways. I'm a junior and I definitely can't wait to graduate and never see most of the student and faculty's faces ever again.

Submitted by a student

January 8, 2014

I am a student at the school and I like it, but it frustrates me. First off all there are a lot of cliques there and the students are not all like and welcoming. Most of the friends I have here came from a different district like me and didn't know anybody. Some of the teachers have multiple jobs, like also being a coach and they're not very helpful if you're having trouble.

September 30, 2012

I am currently a Jr. at Foster, and enjoy most every day there! The Principle is a great man, who takes time to make sure the students who deserve credit get the credit that's due. In my three year's at Foster High, Mr. Tomas has been to every single Theatre UIL event, be it was 30 minuets from Foster or 3 1/2 hours away to show his support! Another person I would mention to give recognition to, is a VP named Mr. Spades, not only is he extremely approachable, but he goes out of his way to talk and to keep updated in the students lives. With the wide ranges of classes from Medical MicroBiology to ROTC (and the many class levels of of Academic/PAP/AP and Dual), the teachers open their arms and their hearts to us students and make me very happy and proud to be call a Foster Falcon! :)

Submitted by a student

June 22, 2012

I LOVE this school! The teachers are very approachable and responsive and many have or are working on their Masters. The graduating class this year alone has achieved so much with one student receiving an internship with the Surgeon General, another winning one of 26 nationwide TI National Merit scholarships, acceptance into UT Business program, Rice, Princeton, Duke and other Ivy League schools. The theater students were nominated for 9 Tommy Tune awards, football player awarded Rudy award, many sports program players on the national recruiting lists. The list goes on and on and we have found that there is a place for each of our children at this campus.

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September 17, 2010

I had two children graduate from exemplary schools In highly ranked KISD, but it was my daughter who graduated from Foster that was on the deans list, her first year of college. The first person I met when going to freshman orientation, was Mr Tomas. I didn't even know who he was at the time, but he was so friendly, & I liked how he handled discipline there. More like when I was growing up. He expected respect from the kids, which is rare these days.

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May 24, 2010

This is the worse school I have ever sent my children to. The principle has a moto of Student's First but that is not the way it is at that school. Because he has been around for so long he knows he is untouchable. I don't know what the rest of the administration does all day but they very seldom reach out to the students. There are some good teachers at the school but they also have some terrible teachers. So many students are graduating from Foster and they are not prepared for college. The administration puts more of an emphasis on sports and band than on the students and their education. I hope soon Mr. Tomas will retire or be retired along with Ms. Barr

Submitted by a parent

April 3, 2010

This is a fantastic school, combining advanced facilities and intelligent teachers to provide a strong springboard platform from which your child can leap to the best college or career!

Submitted by a student

March 4, 2010

As my daughter prepares for graduation from this school, I think that I'm almost more excited than she is. I am tired of listening to her constant complaints. The staff is disrespectful and demanding, the school hallways remain filthy, and the students are poorly diciplined despite all the effort. However, Foster does provide a wide array of electives and extra curricular activites and has an outstanding journalism department. Considering all the factors, I do not reccomend sending your child to this school. If you do I assure you it will be a unpleasent experience.

Submitted by a parent

March 3, 2010

Foster High School looks promising when my daughter enrolled freshman year, but as her first year progressed I was proven wrong. The school is very disorganized, and it seems that the administration cares more about the dress code than actual problems. On another note - this school has some pretty amazing teachers. Although the football team has yet to mature, the school's band program is incredible, as is their journalism programs. The monthly newsletters are, in fact, not the newspapers. If you're fortunate enough to have your child bring a paper home, be proud of the children who put together such a paper. Incredible. It's a shame you can't say the same for the administration.

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April 10, 2009

My daughter graduated from this school and has struggled her first semester in college. I am doing everything I can to make sure my son does not attend this school. The band program is awesome! The administration is not. Overall, we have been very disappointed with this school.

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June 18, 2008

I have two boys that attend Foster in the 10th and 11th grade. I must say that thier high school years have been a challenge for them, but with the help from teachers,counselors, and the administration team, I believe that this will be an overwhelming LEARNING experience academically and emotionally. The coaches and trainer in the athelitic dept. go far and beyond as well for all the students and expect them to excell in whatever sport they choose to do. STATE bound is always expected of them. My highest recommendations for this high school than any other.

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August 4, 2007

I have been teaching at Foster High School for a few years now. Moving from an inner city school district, I find Foster to be very comfortable and exceptional school to work for. The administration is still new but has made major changes over the past year or so. The rigor of most classes is very challenging and most students take their education very seriously. Foster has a very small town feel about it that I find very comforting and welcoming to new staff and students. I feel that the students and faculty could be a little more involved in extra- curricular activities which would boost student morale. Overall, I give Foster a great rating and would recommend it above and beyond any other school in the area.

Submitted by a teacher

May 20, 2007

While Foster High School has attracted a number of highly qualified and committed teachers and coaches, the school still suffers because of the leadership of the principal. The older high schools in Richmond and Rosenberg do not physically look as pretty as Foster, but if you look for humanity in discipline and schooling, then you might consider looking elsewhere. On a good note, parent involvement is high, the extracurricular programs are very good, and there are so many good teachers there that deserve recognition.

Submitted by a parent

February 15, 2007

This school is absolutely horrible. The principals and staff worry more about dress code than actually teaching. The school focuses on nothing but petty problems and leaves the big issues unattended to. Students worry more about getting in trouble for violating the stupid rules than they do about their grades, not to mention that the so called 'security guards' constantly treat students as if they are guilty of some crime until they are proven innocent. I for one am sick and tired of this establishment!

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