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Where should I buy a house in Houston
Kiesha: What’s up Houston? I hope you’re having a great day today.  I know we are. Welcome to the Real Estate Stew with the What’s Cookin Crew? My name is Kiesha.
Patrick: And I’m Patrick.
Kiesha: And we are here to do what we do every week and address some of your toughest real estate questions.
Patrick: What are some tough questions that you’ve been seeing? That’s a lot of questions coming through, Kiesha.
Kiesha: Well, I will tell you that today, one of the ones that grabbed my attention had to do with where should we be buying in Houston today. So what are the hottest areas? What’s going on? Where should I invest my money? So I personally Patrick, I would love to get your opinion.
Patrick: Well, let’s see. So where should we purchase in the Houston area? OK, OK. First of all, I would want to be in a place that’s centrally-located for job opportunity because you know that’s what people are coming here for.
Kiesha: Right.
Patrick: So one of the first areas that come to mind Kiesha –
Kiesha: Let’s see if we agree.
Patrick: It’s Spring Branch.
Kiesha: Yes! I was thinking the same thing. For those of you who don’t know, Spring Branch is inside the Beltway and just outside of the 610 loop. It’s also between the 290 and I-10 corridors. So you’re perfectly located for what Patrick just talked about.
Patrick: Downtown.
Kiesha: Right?
Patrick: Downtown and Energy Corridor. 
Kiesha: Absolutely.
Patrick: Lots of work, lots of job, lots of great opportunities. So yes, definitely. Kiesha, when we talk about Spring Branch, some of you may be saying, “But OK, wait a minute. I understand there’s like four different subdivisions, right?” Yes, there’s Spring Branch East, West, North and then Spring Branch Central. So what Spring Branch area specifically are we talking about?
Kiesha: You know, I would have to say I think most of my experience has been in Spring Branch Central. I wasn’t aware until recently that there were four sections to be perfectly honest. So thank you for that.
Patrick: OK. We will see. See you know there’s four. But we’re going to talk about Spring Branch Central.
Kiesha: Absolutely.
Patrick: To me, that’s the hot spot.
Kiesha: And one of the things that you did mention Patrick and I think that’s important to families relocating to Houston. Another major concern for families are school districts. Spring Branch Central has some renowned school districts that I think any family would appreciate when they’re looking for a home for themselves. It’s going to give them the advantages that you mentioned.
Patrick: Most definitely. And also something that’s very important. I mean it should be important for our clients relocating and those of you here is appreciation. We all just want to know. I mean this is the opportunity to build asset and equity for self and I will tell you, Spring Branch over the last few years, I mean guys, it’s showing that we’re seeing a value in appreciation right around that 50, 60 percentile. That’s huge. So another future plus for Spring Branch.
Kiesha: So if it’s appreciating as it is, then the next question becomes, “How much does it cost?”
Patrick: Ah, excellent question and we know you want to know.
Kiesha: That’s the big question.
Patrick: So Kiesha, how much does it cost? I know but I don’t know if you know.
Kiesha: Well, I would say that the beautiful thing that I love about Spring Branch is in terms of the availability of homes, it’s eclectic. You have the looks of Spring Branch that are still very charming, homes built in the 50’s, the 60’s and then you have the spurts of new construction all over Spring Branch.
Patrick: A lot of new construction.
Kiesha: Yes.
Patrick: That’s what? KB, Pulte, Lennar 
Kiesha: Right. In Town, does a lot in Spring Branch. Yes, K Hovnanian builds in Spring Branch and then for new construction, I think that you can reasonably get into Spring Branch in the upper 200s.
Patrick: Yes. Say at like $297,000, $300,000. That’s about where you’re going to be.
Kiesha: To start.
Patrick: Yeah, to start and the square footage I’ve been seeing guys is like around – what? Like 1600-ish to like 2000. So, you know, a nice size. You get a decent home, guys.
Kiesha: Two, three-story typically. Yeah. If you’re wanting something more traditional, like the flats, the things that are more charming, you can get into Spring Branch, for still low to mid-200s if you’re going for an older home, perhaps one that has been renovated or remodeled. So lots of great opportunity there in terms of what you can purchase.
Patrick: So what are we saying, Kiesha? So for this question –
Kiesha: Spring Branch is the place to be.
Patrick: I think we’re saying Spring Branch is the place to be for location.
Kiesha: Yes.
Patrick: Affordability truly.
Kiesha: Yes.
Patrick: Because with pricing and where things are going, this is still good pricing for what you can get, the location, et cetera.
Kiesha: Absolutely, absolutely. So you’ve heard it here, folks. According to the What’s Cookin Crew, if you’re looking for a great place to live, a great place for your family, then Spring Branch is definitely a place to consider. It offers all of the things that our families are looking for when they’re purchasing homes. So we hope that was helpful to you. For our next set of questions, you’re more than welcome to reach out to us and –
Patrick: You know, everybody is probably – look, all that sounds so great. You know, how it went. You knew I was going to just jump..guys ya’ll know me. Did it sound like she was reading something? She was just like, “Oh, yeah.” I’m trying to work on that voice for myself too. But Kiesha, oh my god. But listen, we don’t always agree, but I absolutely agree with you. Spring Branch is definitely the place to be, guys. We’re going to look for more questions to come. Listen, if you do have some questions, where do they – isn’t it?
Kiesha: Email us.
Patrick: They can email us.
Kiesha: Email us.
Patrick: What is it, Kiesha?
Kiesha: Well, I do know it’s scrolling across the bottom of the screen.
Patrick: Yeah. I think it’s questions@whatscookingcrew.com.
Kiesha: Yeah.
Patrick: That’s it. Yes, guys. Send your questions and we look forward to seeing you next time on …
Kiesha: The Real Estate Stew with the What’s Cookin Crew.
Patrick: See you next time guys.
Kiesha: Have a great day, guys.