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  • Your Home Sold in 60 Days, or We Pay You!

    312 days … 241 days … 157 days … the amount of time many local houses are sitting on the market can certainly be scary to prospective sellers … but now you don’t have to worry about that at all. We’ve created a Guaranteed Sale Program that ensures your house will sell in 60 days or less or we’ll give you an extra $2,500 in cash at closing!

    Since we started this program 9 out of every 10 houses have sold in 60 days or less. And the ones that didn’t? Well, those houses sold shortly thereafter and the owners got an extra $2,500 at closing to use however they saw fit.

    If Houses Are Sitting on the Market, How Can We Guarantee We’ll Sell Yours in 60 Days or Less?

    There’s a one word answer to that question and it is: MARKETING

    We have developed a can’t-miss marketing program that gives your house the MASSIVE EXPOSURE it needs to sell fast and for a great price. That’s right, we don’t sell houses fast by drastically cutting the price and taking money away from you like some agents do. Instead we invest heavily in marketing because years of experience have shown us that a well-planned, well-designed professional marketing program is the most efficient way to quickly sell a house.

    When you sign up for this program, we’ll invest hundreds of dollars in a finely-tuned marketing program that includes:

    • Professional Photography
    • Professional Flyers
    • Listing Syndication to over 300 Websites
    • HTML Email Flyer to Agents and Buyers
    • Just Listed Postcards to Targeted Geographic Area
    • Featured Property Listing on Trulia
    • And more

    The end result?

    Your house gets noticed by hungry buyers and sells fast for a terrific price. In fact, most houses in this program, when priced right, sell within 30 days!

    So What Are You Waiting For?

    Sign up today and either sell your house within 60 days or get an extra $2,500 in cash at closing to spend however you want.

    You know, many people when they see a program like this think there must be some gimmick involved. They think that corners are going to be cut, that they are going to get less exposure or reduced service. But that is definitely not the case here.

    With our Guaranteed Sale Program you get full service, you get a proven successful marketing program and You Get Results – which in this case is your house selling fast.

    Remember, when you sign up for the program you’ll get everything that has made referrals/repeat business OUR number one source of new business, including:

    • Accurate Home Value Determinations – Home prices are a major factor in determining whether a home sells or lingers on the market. Our experience, knowledge of the market, and careful research lets us help you accurately price your home.
    • Creative Assistance in Preparing Your Home – We know, through lots of experience, what factors are crucial to home buyers. We’ll help you find ways to make your home more marketable and ensure a quick sale.
    • Powerful Marketing – We use every technique possible to market your home. Your home will be showcased on over 300 websites online as well as in newsletters, emails and direct mail campaigns. All photos are taken by one of our professional photographers to ensure your house is shown in the best light possible.
    • Effective Selling Techniques – Our experienced and expert agents know exactly how to present your home through open houses and showings to get the best results. Homebuyers appreciate our no-pressure approach and helpful assistance.
    • Negotiating Skills – Our team members will work hard negotiating for you. We understand the psychology of selling a home, and will work with buyers and sellers to make a deal happen. We never give up and that means results.

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